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Created 23-Jun-10
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Shots from the caves of Jarvis Winery in Napa, California.

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Jarvis Winery - EntranceJarvis Winery - Entrance GateJarvis Winery - Cave EntranceJarvis Winery - CavesJarvis Winery - Brass Door in CaveJarvis Winery - CaveJarvis WineryJarvis Winery - Steel Storage TanksJarvis Winery - Loading DockJarvis Winery - Cave Wall LightJarvis WineryJarvis Winery - Steel NozzleJarvis WineryJarvios Winery - Bottling MachineJarvis Winery - Wine Lab DoorwayJarvis Winery - Wine StorageJarvis Winery - Waxed BottlesJarvis WInery - Wooden Storage VatsJarvis Winery - Wine Cave